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Ready to Move या Under Construction

Which is Best to Buy or Invest In Ready to Move or Under Construction Property ??

Let Us now understand a comparison between Under Construction & Ready to Move Based on Factors Discuss Below -- .

Factors Affecting Ready To Move Under Construction
Tax Benefits Start immediately under Section 80C and 24 No Tax benefit till Posession
Price Ready to Move is at higher Price Under construction Property Can be 20-30% cheaper
Risk Returns Low Risk Low Return High Risk High Return
Payment Time Upront in 2-3 months Payment distributed across span of 2-3 years
Choce & Modification scope Limited by availability and interior if modified will increase cost More Availablity Options and interior can be of your choice
Financila Burden Only EMI EMI and Rent will go hand in hand
Extra Charges Stam Duty,Registry & Brokererage in case of Resale and no hidden charges Mandatory charges as in Ready To Move plus other charges of 700 sqft approx in name of IDC,EDC,car parking etc.
Quality Issues Structural defects including seepage and quality of material is is already known .Layout is Fixed Decision is purely on seeing Sample flat>layout and quality will Vary.

Hope This Comparison helps you in Making your decision of Dream Home .
Note : GST is applicable On Under Construction Property.

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