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1 BHK Interior Ideas

Small Space Utilization, 1BHK Interior Design Ideas...

It might be challenging for everyone to fit everything into a 1BHK space. But with small tips and ideas you can make 1 BHK interior classy, Beautiful yet functional too. For you over experts have put together some design on how you can make the most of your one-bedroom apartment.

1 BHK Flat Design Tip #1: Choose a neutral color palette

Bedroom Cum Workstation
Bedroom Cum Workstation

Paint can go a long way in making 1 BHK interiors appear bigger. Start with a subtle palette of classic whites, neutral tans and greys, and keep the bolder colors to accent walls. For example, neutral colors make space big and smoothening for eyes.  The combination of neutrals and bold pops of color lend a soft and clean touch to your home and makes it feel clean and fresh.

1 BHK Flat Tip #2 choose Corner wall  as sitting cum workstation

As shown in pic can arrange your Furniture in the wall as your sitting area too so that you can use it as multiple for example as your work station in the room, extra sitting space arranged in a small room, and these furniture inbuilt box can also be used for storing random stuff.

1 BHK Flat # 3 Small Space Utilization (Storage)

L Shape Sofa Design
L Shape Sofa

A smart 1 BHK flat design makes the best of utilizing maximum space by storage. Install an L shape Sofa set instead of 3 +2, or use poufs that double up as covered storage. Another way to make the best of your 1 BHK is to install a slim TV unit that offers options to store away your letters, remotes, documents, and CD collection. The horizontal surfaces can also be used to display decor or your book collection.

1 BHK Flat Tip #4 wall mounted Multipurpose Furniture

Mounted Dining Table
Mounted Dining Table

 wall-mounted furniture can make your 1 BHK apartment seem spacious, organized, and clutter-free. There are several sleek and elegant furniture options, such as a sofa cum bed, that you can roll out only when you need it. Alternatively, take advantage of the walls at home by installing in a foldable dining table that can be laid-out only when you’re sitting down for meals. This will save you a lot of space

1 BHK Flat Tip #5 Choose Open Layout Flat

Open Space Kitchen and Living Room
Open Space Kitchen and Living Room

An open layout 1BHK Apartment seamlessly combines the living room, kitchen, and dining area, making it the ideal option for your 1 BHK. If you want some privacy, use screens or room dividers in your 1 BHK interiors to reduce foot traffic in areas you would like to keep private. Install a backless bookshelf that can function as both a divider and a display shelf.

Some More Space Utilization Tips:-

1. Sofa cum bed in the living room.

2. Folding Dining table in the kitchen.

3. Overhead storage in the kitchen and passage area.

4. Sliding wardrobe in a bedroom.

5. Shoe rack outside the safety door.

6. Use big size mirror in Bedroom or Living Room Wall so that it make Room Look Bigger in Size.

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