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5 things to know Before You invest money in Real Estate

Before investing money in Real Estate pay attention to these 5 things!

1.The Mivan Construction technique is the advantage of the builder rather than customer, so check the track record of the construction quality of the previous projects of that builder, because Fly Ash Brick Construction is also equal to Mivan Construction with advantage only in timely completion but it's not worth to pay Extra for Mivan Construction.

2.Before buying a property, you must check the price of flat and maintenance of  Equally Reputed Builder of that Location, as there is a huge role of maintenance in Residential Projects,its as similar as  After Sales service in Products!

3.Your EMI against Flat should not be above 40% -50% of  Your Monthly Income, otherwise it is not your Assets its your  Liability!

4.If the builder has a temporary OC(Occupancy Certificate), then you should avoid it, because you may have problems related with the Promised Society Amenities and Registry of Flat !

5. If you want to Avoid the cost of GST, then wait for OC(Occupancy Certificate),as this will decreased the cost of your flat, which can benefit you in Future Resale!


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